Want to Learn How To Jump Higher and Increase Your Vertical Jump?

I started out the same way as you… wanting to learn how to jump higher. I was 18 and playing basketball but not exactly the tallest player either.  The highest I could ever jump was only being able to touch the rim but this was not good enough for me, I wanted to be able to dunk. Having played basketball for years and having other teammates on my high school team that could dunk, it kind of sucked being one of the kids that couldn’t do it. I had been training for very a long time, including doing lots of different workouts and exercises to try to improve and increase my vertical jump.

After months and months of training, I unfortunately saw very little improvement (maybe gained an inch over a six month time frame which was very disheartening). Since I really didn’t have a good coach to guide the vertical jump training nor afford an expensive personal trainer, I decided  to search online for a solution. That is when I found the Jump Manual. They guaranteed to add at least 10″ to your vertical jump which seemed absolutely crazy to me.  However, after exploring what they had to offer and reading numerous positive testimonials, I felt more comfortable.  So… I decided to go with it,  seeing it was the only option I could afford anyway (lol).

Long story short, I was able to follow the program about 50% of the entire way through and added 4 1/2 inches in under 6 six weeks. The reason I was only able to follow only 50% is because  I have a lot of other activities going on equally important as to learning how to jump higher!  Anyways, I can dunk now so it doesn’t matter! I’d recommend this program to anyone that is serious about wanting to increase their vertical jump.

Lavender aromatherapy

Lavender is an herbal plant abundantly found in Mediterranean countries. Its flowers have got high fragrance and can be used in Aroma therapy. The highly fragrant flowers are extracted to collect lavender essential oils which are used for numerous common ailments. In Aroma therapy it can be used along with other herbal extracts such as lemon, jasmine, rose and rosemary to attain the desired result. Scientists have conducted researches regarding the lavender aromatherapy to see how it can be employed successfully to get high recognition among people all over the world.
Anxiety is the one of the discomforts against which lavender essential oil can be used safely. The nerve stimulant quality of the lavender oil helps to reduce the anxiety and tension with out developing any side effects to the patients. But severe anxiety and tension cannot be cured by this harmless medicinal herb.
Sleeplessness is the other discomfort which can be eradicated by the lavender aromatherapy. For this treatment aromatherapy vaporizer can be used to disperse the vapor of the lavender oil in to the bed room. Sprinkling two or three drops of the same under the pillow of the sleeping bed can also help to reduce the sleeplessness. Continued use of this treatment just about 4 weeks during bedtime will be sufficient to correct the sleeplessness of youngsters. Women and young men respond to this treatment very easily.
Falling of hair which leads to baldness can be checked by lavender oil massage. Better results can be attained by using lavender oil with valuable other herbal extracts such as rosemary, thyme or grape seed. People suffering from hair fall can apply this blend of oils to the scalp just about 7 month continuously to get the desired result.
The lavender oil is antiseptic and antibiotic in nature. This healing property is useful to cure cuts, wounds and burns. A blend of lavender extract and tea tree extract is highly antibacterial in nature. Hence this combination can be used to cure skin infections caused by bacteria and fungus.
Nowadays the lavender essential oil has become the friend of athletes and sports men. These people often suffer from muscular pain, sprain, joint pains, backache and stiff neck. By applying one or two drops of lavender oil directly to the affected part and massaging properly with palms and fingers reduces the difficulties immediately. This pain reliving property of the lavender oil is highly used for the treatment of rheumatism and the pains associated with it.
In the aroma therapy one or two drops of lavender oil along with bathing water enable the person to relax and feel enthusiastic for the whole day. But consumption of lavender oil internally is not commonly recommended. This can be performed under medical supervision only if required.
In general lavender essential oils are considered as the harmless herbal extract. In some cases it may cause skin irritation in the topical application treatment. If this exception is kept apart lavender essential oils are friendly to mankind.

Recipe Homemade Applesauce

My birthday was a few days ago and I was really ambitious and busy in the kitchen.  I can’t really say busy since I made everything in the crock pot so let’s just say productive instead.  I skipped my workout even though I had planned on doing my HIIT and running but I made up for it yesterday.  It was really just another day for me – spent with my little loves.  The applesauce is really simple and it is extremely tasty so I thought I would share.

We love, love, love apples around here.  I usually buy a few different varieties but my favorite are Gala and the boys enjoy Golden Delicious while my husband likes Red Delicious and Granny Smith.  There were some Granny Smith apples in the drawer that had been in there for a while now so I figured I should use them because they are way too tart for the boys raw and hubby wasn’t eating them.  Just like when you make apple pie, I recommend you use a tart apple for applesauce.  By the way, this applesauce tastes like apple pie filling.

I made a very small serving because I only had three apples but you can double, triple, or quadruple this recipe to fit your needs.

You need four things:

3 Apples (peeled, cored, and cut in medium slices)
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 tablespoon honey (could use brown sugar, molasses, or even granulated sugar instead)
2 tablespoons of water (more or less as needed)

Place all ingredients in crock pot.  Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.  Check occasionally to make sure the water level is adequate and the apples aren’t burning.  When apples are finished smash with potato masher, pastry cutter, or fork.  Also, you can adjust the honey and cinnamon levels, if needed, at this time.

Have The Daleks Had Their Day

Having just sat down and watched the eleventh Doctor in Victory of the Daleks it occurred to us that the Daleks have been in Doctor Who almost as long as the Doctor himself, appearing as they did in the first Doctor’s second serial.

Which, coincidentally, as if to prove the lack of recognition given to Doctor Who by the BBC, has gone by at least three different names. Originally the serial was called The Mutants, then it was briefly known as The Dead Planet, before finally coming to be known as The Daleks. It makes sense that the BBC would want it known as The Daleks given their cash cow status.

This underlines the way the Daleks have come to be used, an entire serial can have its name changed to highlight their part in it. Forget the plot, forget The Doctor, forget anything to do with exciting storytelling, no, just slap the word Dalek in the title and the kids will come running.

Nowhere has this tired use of IP been more obvious than in the revived Doctor Who, I had hoped that Moffat would have moved away from the crass recycling of the Daleks perpetrated by Davies before him. Sadly, like Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant before him, it didn’t take Matt Smith’s Doctor long to meet the Daleks.

Albeit in a toy friendly range of colours. Ahem.

When are we going to see some original new creatures? Something with a bit of genuine menace would be nice, please.